1.1/16 Inch 1.1/8 Inch Open-End Wrench

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1.1/16 Inch 1.1/8 Inch Open-End Wrench

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T&E Tools
Brand: T&E Tools
MPN: BWE3436

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    Open End Wrenches are Forged from High Grade Chrome Alloy Steel, Heat Treated, Satin Chrome Surface Finish with Polished Heads.

    Individual Sizes (Available Separately):

    Item No. Size Description Length
    BWE08101/4" x 5/16" Open-End Wrench4.7/8"
    BWE10125/16" x 3/8"Open-End Wrench5.3/8"
    BWE12143/8" x 7/16" Open-End Wrench5.3/4"
    BWE14167/16" x 1/2"Open-End Wrench6.1/8"
    BWE16181/2" x 9/16" Open-End Wrench6.1/2"
    BWE18209/16" x 5/8"Open-End Wrench7.1/4"
    BWE192219/32" x 11/16" Open-End Wrench7.1/4"
    BWE20225/8" x 11/16"Open-End Wrench8"
    BWE20245/8" x 3/4" Open-End Wrench8.1/4"
    BWE222411/16" x 3/4" Open-End Wrench8.1/4"
    BWE222611/16" x 13/16" Open-End Wrench8.7/8"
    BWE24263/4" x 13/16"Open-End Wrench9.5/8"
    BWE24283/4" x 7/8"Open-End Wrench10"
    BWE28307/8" x 15/16"Open-End Wrench10"
    BWE28347/8" x 1.1/16" Open-End Wrench10"
    BWE303215/16" x 1"Open-End Wrench11.5/8"
    BWE34361.1/16" x 1.1/8"Open-End Wrench13.3/8"
    BWE34401.1/16" x 1.1/4" Open-End Wrench13.3/8"
    BWE40421.1/4" x 1.5/16"Open-End Wrench14"
    BWE54581.11/16" x 1.13/16"Open-End Wrench14"