#0 Phillips Gearwrench Micro Bit

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#0 Phillips Gearwrench Micro Bit

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T&E Tools
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    The Micro Bit System will reach into confined areas where no other bit driver will go. They interchange into the 72 tooth 8 x 10mm Gear Wrench to obtain the shortest height.

    T&E Tools Micro Bits (Available Separately):

    Item No. Micro Bit Size Length
    MBPH0 #0 Phillips 23mm
    MBPH1 #1 Phillips 23mm
    MBPH2 #2 Phillips 23mm
    MBPH3 #3 Phillips 23mm
    MBPH4 #4 Phillips 23mm
    MBS40 4mm Slotted 14mm
    MBS55 5.5mm Slotted 14mm
    MBS65 6.5mm Slotted 15mm
    Item No. Micro Bit Size Length
    MBH25 2.5mm In-Hex 13mm
    MBH03 3mm In-Hex 13mm
    MBH04 4mm In-Hex 14mm
    MBH05 5mm In-Hex 14mm
    MBH06 6mm In-Hex 16mm
    MBH07 7mm In-Hex 16mm
    MBH08 8mm In-Hex 17mm
    MBH10 10mm In-Hex 18mm
    Item No. Micro Bit Size Length
    MBT10 T10 Torx 23mm
    MBT15 T15 Torx 23mm
    MBT20 T20 Torx 23mm
    MBT25 T25 Torx 23mm
    MBT27 T27 Torx 23mm
    MBT30 T30 Torx 23mm
    MBT40 T40 Torx 23mm
    MBT45 T45 Torx 23mm